I am a security technologist, strategic advisor, and speaker. Currently I am the Chief Security Officer at SourceClear, where I am responsible for the strategic vision and technical direction of SourceClear's security, privacy, and compliance program and the security research team. Throughout my career I've worked with, advised, and led many security programs and initiatives including the trust and security program at Nuna Health and the red team practice at Cigital. I've always placed an emphasis on adversarial thinking and strategic planning in my work and look to apply it and develop it everywhere I can.

My personal mission is to help improve the state of cyber security so that it does not negatively impact lives or society. By focusing strategy and people development, I believe we can create a more diverse environment that is ripe for solving our most challenging problems of today and tomorrow. I love trying to work at the union between technology, social psychology, and security along with other important social issues. I especially love tackling problems that haven't yet been solved or that have been labeled as too hard or risky by others.

I recently founded Hack Your Cyber Career to try to scale the development of soft skills for people working in or trying to break into cyber security. I don't believe that our industry is ever going to catch up to the risks we face if we don't start to approach things differently and I believe to effectively do that we need to step back and focus on diversity, leadership, and creative problem solving. Please check it out and if you have any feedback at all, reach out and let me know!

Robert currently lives in the Washington, DC area with his wife, son, and two German Shepherds.