Breaking Down My Goals For 2018 - OKR Style

I highlighted some of my top level goals in my 2017 annual review. To build on that I am going to break down these goals into bi-annual OKRs (objectives and key results for anyone not familiar with the term) that can be measured against as the year goes on. Here we go!

Objective 1

Be a more present father, husband, and friend for people in my life.

  • KR: Don't bring a phone into social situations or if I do, don't take it out when I'm with people. Feedback to be provided by my lovely wife.
  • KR: Get at least one (1) major family vacation planned for 2018.
  • KR: Take at least two (2) shorter weekend trips to unplug and relax.
  • KR: Date night (or coffee date) with Louise at least twice a month.
  • KR: Hang out with family or friends in-person...get away from social media at least twice a month.

Objective 2

Learn things outside of my comfort zone.

  • KR: Take the MAT test as part of the application process.
  • KR: Enroll in a Master's program focused on International Politics, Military Affairs, Global/National Security, or Intelligence Studies.
  • KR: Apply for relevant scholarships to assist with schooling costs.
  • KR: Read at least 20 books and post notes, striving for books that are outside my field. I'm going to consider re-reads that provide value in this count.
  • KR: Post notes for all books that I read on this website.
  • KR: Start working with one mentor outside of my field to help me see my challenges and opportunities from new and alternative perspectives.
  • KR: 100% adherence to daily foreign language learning, my current focus is on French, Spanish, and Italian.

Objective 3

Lay the groundwork to start a company of my own that addresses a problem I believe needs to be solved.

  • KR: Build out a blue ocean strategy value graph for the three ideas that I'm working with.
  • KR: For each value graph created, go through market and product validation steps with current professional network.
  • KR: Build out a customer persona for each validated idea.
  • KR: Aim to release three (3) new blog posts focused on cyber security on this website.
  • KR: Submit talks and training workshop content to at least five (5) conferences for 2018.
  • KR: Start a 100 days of code learning goal for myself to brush off the cobwebs.

Objective 4

Resume volunteering my time and resources to change lives for the better.

  • KR: Get plugged into serving at our home church.
  • KR: Try to get two (2) Batman visits in to either local children's hospitals or other charity oriented events.
  • KR: Continue with a regular, monthly tithe to our home church.
  • KR: Contribute a bi-weekly blog post to the Hack Your Cyber Career site to help others grow their careers in the field.
  • KR: Release a weekly learning challenge for anyone looking to develop their cyber security skills.

Objective 5

Train my body, mind, and spirit to be more like Batman, a resilient, powerful, ass-kicking machine for good in this world!

  • KR: 95% adherence to whole 30 aligned nutrition.
  • KR: Get at least four (4) weight lifting workouts in per week.
  • KR: Get least four (5) cardio sessions in per week as tracked on my shiny new Fitbit Ionic.
  • KR: 100% daily meditation and prayer to calm and focus my mind on what really matters.

This last OKR is very much aligned with my Building the Bat project which you're welcome to browse and follow along with. There is a lot more detail over there for project Batman.

Robert Wood

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