Leadership Resolutions for the New Year

Leadership Resolutions for the New Year

Bearing down on the of 2017 is a perfect time to pull together some New Year's resolutions for 2018. There is always room to grow as a leader and always time for simple reminders of the basics.

Throughout 2018:

  1. I will identify and engage a broad set of stakeholders when I'm approaching important decisions. I will not make decisions impulsively.
  2. Once a decision is made, I will own it completely and take accountability.
  3. I will actively listen, up, down, and across the organization.
  4. I will be mindful of what is expected of me and the value I contribute.
  5. I will be vigilant about saying "no" to projects, meetings, and other things that may unnecessarily occupy my time so that I can focus on the right things for the organization.
  6. I will encourage and even insist when necessary that people on my team take risks and move out of their comfort zone. I will support them enthusiastically along the way.
  7. In all decisions, I will keep the success of our customers in mind as a guiding factor.
  8. I will be vigilant about spending time with my family, traveling, and recharging.
  9. I will never make a decision out of fear, I will rely on data and structured decision making whenever I can.
  10. I will relate the decisions that I make back to strategic business objectives.
  11. I will not work on multiple things at once, I will remain focused.
  12. I will hold those who report to me accountable to the same degree as I hold myself, I will encourage them to do the same with me.
  13. I will do whatever I can to support my team members and their continued development and success.

Feel free to share and commit to these or resolutions of your own for 2018. If we don't set goals that are sometimes uncomfortable, we won't grow.

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