Setting up my OKRs for the second half of 2018

Setting up my OKRs for the second half of 2018

As anyone who knows me is well aware, I'm a fan of transparency and I'm also a fan of getting shit done and pushing myself. This last year has admittedly been a bit of a haze for me after a cross country move, several job changes (one of them being an acquisition), a baby, and lots of travel and speaking. I just turned 30 and so here I am, getting myself back into a proper cycle of setting goals that are important to me and executing. I hope everyone around me pushes me and holds me to the high bar that I try to hold myself!

These OKRs are intended to cover the second half of 2018, from July 1 to December 31. Here we go.

Objective 1: Get my physical, spiritual, and mental health back on track

  1. Run the army 10 mile race in under 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  2. Go to the gym (or work out at home) at least 5 times each week.
  3. Practice meditation (or some other mindfulness activity) each and every day.
  4. Get body fat levels down to 10%.
  5. Eat cleaner, real food instead of excessive sweets, alcohol, and heavily processed food.
  6. Work up to doing 25 pull-ups straight.

Objective 2: Actively pivot career path to balance personal health, family time, happiness, fulfillment, an d social impact.

  1. Settle myself in a job that gives me the flexibility I need to spend time with family and friends, continue living in MD, and support our goals.
  2. Put together a revised 20 year career plan.
  3. Go on 3 weekend getaway trips.
  4. Go on 1 big family vacation.
  5. Do the necessary research and get the process started to build our family through adoption.

Objective 3: Make a greater impact in my community at home, at church, and at work.

  1. Start actively volunteering with Lighthouse Church in one of their missions programs.
  2. Get site back on track and built up with resources for new entrants and new leaders.
  3. Build an online course on pivoting careers into cyber security and publish under
  4. Write an initial book proposal and detailed outline.
  5. Donate $7,500 to causes and organizations that our family cares deeply about.
  6. Speak at 5 different events (e.g., conferences, meetups, etc.).
  7. Help 3 people with a personal/career goal of their own (e.g., getting into the security field, mentoring, etc.).

Objective 4: Make our home into something we truly love and enjoy living in.

  1. Successfully remodel our kitchen.
  2. Install a patio in the backyard off of the deck.
  3. Remove all of the old landscaping, install new, and put in a new walkway.
  4. Install a new front door with brass fixtures.
  5. Refinish the front stairs and banister.
  6. Each room in the house is decorated and functional.

Objective 5: Build more streams of income for our family.

  1. Get our guest bedroom listed on AirBnB.
  2. Put together a plan to purchase and save enough for a down payment on a rental property.
  3. Start tracking and optimize a family budget.
  4. Get all of my retirement accounts consolidated into a single 401k or roth account.
  5. Build and release a mobile app with one of the ideas I have flushed out.

Objective 6: Keep learning, keep improving.

  1. Start my master’s program at The Citadel in international politics and military affairs.
  2. Learn (or significantly improve) 2 new skills and write about the experience at
  3. Go through a 100 days of code challenge.
  4. Be able to carry on a conversation in French.
  5. Read 10 books.

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