Speaking Engagements

This page is a running list of conferences and other public events I've had the honor of participating in.

Talk Conference Links
Information Warfare: World's Worst Feature or Bug? Citadel Intelligence & Cybersecurity Conference 2018 Slides
Building Systems on Shaky Grounds: 10 Tactics to Manage the Modern Supply Chain Hack in Paris 2018 Slides
Design Thinking for DevSecOps Culture Building DevSecOps Tel Aviv 2018, OWASP SnowFroc 2018 Slides
Applied Deception Beyond the Honeypot: Moving Past 101 AppSec California 2018 Slides Recording
Hacking Office Politics for Security Leaders BSides Las Vegas 2017, OWASP SnowFroc 2018 Recording, Slides
Applied Deception in Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations Military Operations Research Summit 2017
Thematic Social Engineering: Making SE Work at Scale DefCon SEVillage 2017 Recording, Slides
Staying Secure with your Head in the Clouds OSEHRA Open Source Summit 2017
Cooking up Security for the Modern macOS Fleet ChefConf 2017 Recording
Maintainability + Security = <3 RVASec 2017, ISACA Silicon Valley Spring 2017 Summit Recording
Swimming Upstream: Regulation vs. Security BSides San Francisco 2017 Recording
Red Teaming the Board ISSA San Francisco CISO Forum 2017, BSides SLC 2017, BSides Charm 2017, CyberSecureGov 2017
Security Program Development for the Hipster Company RSA USA 2016
Rise of the Purple Team RSA USA 2016
Ad-Hoc Mutable Infrastructure for Security Management AppSec California 2016 Recording
Attack and Defense in the Public Cloud TakeDownCon 2015
-Threat Modeling for the Gaming Industry BSides Vancouver 2015, NorthSec 2015 Recording
Red Teaming LayerOne 2014, BSides Boston 2014, BSides LA 2014 AppSec CA 2014